Thursday, March 24, 2016

The end of the Crocuses on February 28

 Photos of the crocus field on the 28th of February, starting from our driveway.  You see the French lavender behind the crocuses and the honeysuckle small hedge with a bunch of mauve crocuses
 Further along the crocus field we come to the Bridal Veil Spirea shrub that I have clipped back to the edge of its bed.  Now, the top is beginning to show white buds.  It might take a year or two until this shrub grows out again.  At the front of the crocus bed you see the new soil at the edge of the street.  I scattered grass seed over his new soil.  Some of it might be sprouting.  We have had heavy rains since then, so I am not sure what has happened to the grass seed.  I may reseed it.
 A closer shot of the pale mauve bunch of crocus in the the bed behind the crocus field.
 Another photo of the Spirea behind the crocuses.  You see the blue grass clumps in that bed, also.
 Further along the crocus field past the spirea shrub.  You can see the extra soil on the crocus field.
 This is the soil on the crocus field next to the neighbors driveway.  You see the plum tree almost on the property line... except this is actually the boulevard.  The cedar hedge is at the property line.  This is a good view of the extra soil on the crocus field.  It is packed down, now, by the heavy rains we have had.
 Another shot of the crocus field by the neighbors driveway.  The crocuses are in full bloom over the field.
 The edge of the crocus field next the neighbors strip of grass by their driveway.  This strip of grass actually forms the grass frame on that side of my garden, with the little honeysuckle hedge to detail the edge of the frame.
A closer shot of some of the crocuses.
You can see that the crocuses are slowly filling out the field.
Some of my favourite striped crocuses.  I am glad I got these photos of the crocus field on the 28th of February.  In a few days they were all flattened and gone.  I do not know if it was the heavy rains, or dog traffic, or what did them in, but they were pretty well finished shortly after I got these photos.  Now some of the grape hyacinths that form the border of the crocus field are in bloom.  But I may have to wait for next year for the show of the border, in the new soil.... and hopefully in new grass.

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