Sunday, March 06, 2016

Some of the garden February 14 to 16

 The vase cement planter and the deep purple crocuses in the front garden on the 16th
 One of the lovely striped crocuses in the crocus field which is a in the grass of the boulevard
 This is the crocus field showing where the hydro workers left soil to fill in the ruts the traffic made while circumventing their trucks while they were working on adding our star wars hydro pole just across the street from our front driveway.   Since this photo I have raked the soil out more evenly and added some topsoil to fill in low spots in the crocus field.  I then planted grass seed over all.  The grass is now starting to germinate.
 One of the dark purple crocuses.  I photoshpped it to emphasize the bright center.
 The camillia by the back step leading up to the deck.  It has even more blossoms on it now.
 The hazel nut tree in full bloom with its lovely catkins.
This is another photo from up on the deck showing the stepping stones in their winter moss.  The stepping stones go around the fig tree and its bed.  I have taken this area out of grass and added the stepping stones because it is a very soggy area when we have our winter rains.  That Harry Lauders Walking stick shrub is now finished blooming.  

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