Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Feb 28 - some of the perennials

 more of the Harry Lauders walking stick, hazelnut.  This has been the big show in the back garden for a few weeks.
 The hellebores have been in bloom for a month or more and are still looking pretty good now.
 This primula is much taller now with even taller bloom spikes.
This is the front rectangle bed by our driveway.  The plants were sending up shoots.  A lupine is at the front.  The green stuff is some of the clippings from the cedar cedar hedge.  The hollyhocks have disappeared from this bed.  The peonies should be fine as well as the veronica and the sea mist.

I have finished cleaning up the house, including windows, and have some of the food prepared for our St. Patrick's day feast tomorrow, with Art and Marlene.  I went to itunes for some Irish music and have found an interesting mix.  Should be fun. 

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