Friday, October 30, 2009

The little ghosts, witches and goblins are comin' . .

The original of this is a shot at a street light off my back deck a few days ago. I enhanced it a bit in photoshop. It's Irene's birthday, so added text for her and sent it off. No doubt this is shabby compared to the real bday cards she will get.

We were off line yesterday due to some error at Shawcable in transfering whatever to our new modem. Finally back on again. Their techie Darren was a real jerk when I talked to him. I must remember that name, since the calls in to the techies are monitored. I am sure there are plenty of young people out there who would not need to have grandmothers crawling around under their desks to try to unhook a splitter, when he knew damn well it was NOT the splitter and was just the modem needed attention from their crew. I was not amused when Mark came to fix it this morning and merely adjusted the modem. It took him longer waiting on the phone for them than it took to actually fix the thing.

I made up a pumpkin pie today ... from pumpkin in a can... I don't have a pumpkin this year and have not hung out any Halloween decorations yet. Maybe tomorrow. It is fun to see the little ones all dressed up.

I must make up a banner and the new front page for the November theme on Playtime. Theme is to be Harvest Festivals. I suppose the American Thanksgiving is in November. There were October beer fests that could I suppose be used. I have no pictures so will probably be finding something on line.

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