Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CanAm Model T tour Sept. 2009

At our lunch stop at Elk Falls Park, I wandered about and tried to get a picture of each of the cars. Most of the shots were useless as the water on the cars was reflecting things. It was a fine big lunch. I kept most of mine to take home as I could not eat it all, and I was having digestion problems. Very unusual for me, but this problem persisted the whole week end. A couple of the girls had walked up a trail to the Falls... it was not far away. Wish I had gone with them. We will just have to go back in our dodge lodge, sometime. After lunch, we went back over the bridge and headed back to our hotel. I could not go to the dinner. I missed the best barbeque salmon ever made, apparently. It was at someone's home... Del and Lorraine Kyle's, (Thanks Blaze and Monica for the right name). Thanks so much for the hospitality!

I have a pedometer that I am wearing every day to see how much exercise I am getting. My brother, Dan, is on a weight loss program and had shown me his. He is doing 10,000 steps and more per day. He walks first thing in the morning. I only have done over a mile on my pedometer once, when I walked over to the drug store. I thought that walk was at least a mile one way. It seems to be a mile there and back. I really am a slug, but a happy slug. :-))

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