Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bug Buddies

Another one from the garden in mid October. Only two weeks ago and the weather has changed to much cooler, and most of the Autumn color is fading. I don't see wasps any longer. I mowed my bits of grass and the mower picks up and mulches the leaves along with the grass. I dumped this on the veggie patch. I took out a few more branches of the thorn bush. Eventually I want to bring this shrub down and prune it into a good tight form. The birds are eating most of the berries already. They are usually left on the tree until much later in winter. I skimmed some leaves out of the pond. The water is quite clear now despite the leaves falling in. Maybe the cooler weather is a factor in clearing the water. I have been feeding the fish, as I understand they might want to be eating before the really cold weather sets in. The pump circulates the water and I should probably soon shut it off, so the fish can have their levels of water temperature set without being disturb by the pump action.

Yesterday the technician from Shawcable installed my new modem and bump up the levels for the signal to the whole house. This makes quite a difference! I am much faster now.

My pedometer says I walked 2.3 miles today. I think that's the most I have done yet. I walked from my Doctor's office on Pandora to Chinatown. It was a lovely morning for a walk.. a bit crisp. I walked down Johnson Street which I seldom do. That portion of Johnson seems to have a lot of construction happening on it. Perhaps the costs of construction have come down a bit and people can find someone to do the work at a reasonable rate.

We had lunch at an East Indian buffet style eat in/take out place. Was pretty good food, but we could not get malagatawny soup and the nan bread is far superier at the place we go to downtown. The mango chutney here was to die for, though. After lunch we went to Fort and Foul Bay LB store to replenish our wine rack. Then off for a drive through Uplands, where we explored a couple of side streets. Kilarny is very interesting little street. A fine day!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

Maggie said...

Where are you putting this link?