Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The humming birds

This photo, unlike the previous one, seems to me to need a lot of work. My photoshop abilities are just not up to it. So here it is, cropped much closer, sharpening added to the bird. I tried to tone down the background several ways, none too successful.

Our Anna's hummingbirds stay all winter. In the summer when flowers are out they do not seem to be very interested in the feeder. As it gets cooler out, I start to feed them again. In the winter, when it is freezing, I try to remember to bring the feeder in at night and put it out again at first light. I really should have 2 feeders... one to unthaw and the other to be put out.

I walked back from the Lab at the mall today. It was beautiful! I walked through the forest instead of along the street. My pedometer showed a distance of about 1.5 miles - one way from the mall. I brought back 8 Burgundy lily flowering tulips, 5 galanthis flore peno (double snow drops) and 2 star gazer lilies. I planted these bulbs in the front garden with the lilies by the tub, the tulips along the stone walk and the snowdrops near the front trillium. I clipped a few perennials and did a bit of repair on the boxwood hedge.

Yesterday I finished another sub page for my old web page. I have the car tour page done, but have yet to set up each car club page where I will put the links to each event album. This old page is seldom seen by anyone. It is slow to load because I have added music, and have slow loading 'banners' because I did not 'save for web'. No matter, this is primarily for my own easy accesses to information.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good camouflage I say.

If you don't mind, I will download this and try to make the background a little more blurry. As soon as I find some time.

Maggie said...

Thanks Ken. No rush. Maybe even, eventually, it will go up on the new site in MIMS.

O happy day when it is on line!

I wonder if you can see your gmail?

Anonymous said...

Gmail is usually getting through, but it is somehow mixing dates. I go back through the mail and find something marked as new mail and the date will show it as a week or more old. Yours has always showed up on time, but I will check it. It is funny, but Yahoo does the same thing with mail from England's British Telecom. The price for "free" mail I suppose.