Friday, October 16, 2009

CanAm Model T tour Sept. 2009

oh oh the rubber chicken was awarded on some pretense as light as feathers

Our coffee and doughnut stop by this sylvan lake at a turnout on the road. Too bad about the wires, again. The doughnuts and coffee were irresistable.
a low lying cloud. I wish I could have been on the ground with a tripod for this shot.
marvelous scenery. Too bad about all the telephone poles.
We are on our way, on a cloudy misty morning.

Some tire kicking and visiting in the parking lot before the tour begins on Saturday

At home today there was .5 of an inch of rain in the rain gauge. The water fall was just a trickle, so I cleaned the filter and reset the valves to have the full flow going down the waterfall. Now that the rains are starting, I should not have to worry about topping up any water I lose to evaporation or out the sides of the waterfall.

I did a few photos of autumn color. Some not too bad. I did a short search of ebay for any dslrs that might be easy pickins. Nothing notable.

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