Friday, October 09, 2009

CanAm Model T tour Sept. 2009

All model T's are not black...
Going in to do a trade??
An award winning chainsaw carving at the entrance of the building. Very nice! I should have taken notes of who, what, why...
The marina behind the Maritime Heritage Center, Campbell River, B.C.
A closer view of some of the cars, with the Inside Channel behind them. I think that is the name of the body of water. Cruise ships and all kinds of working ships pass by here. Please correct me on the name of this water body, if it is wrong.
EDIT: It is called the Discovery Passage. Thanks, Pat, Blaze and Monica, for the correct information.
Most of the cars parked at the Maritime Heritage Center. Our first coffee stop of the day. Its an excellent place to visit and have coffee. Skies are still cloudy and there is a bit of heavy mist about. :-))
Friday morning drivers meet. We are dressed for the wet weather. A bit of rain on starting out.
The rubber chicken award is earned when you have some kind of mechanical mishap. Once you have the rubber chicken you need to find someone else to award it to as the week end tour plays out.
This totem Pole is at a rest stop and view point on the Malahat

Pat and I put our 1915 Model T speedster on Lou's trailer and headed up over the Malahat on Thursday late morning, stopping at the lookout to check the tie downs. Everything is good. We stop in Duncan at Bravo for a most delicious Greek food lunch. I definitely have to go back there. I dashed up the street for a few minutes to have a look in the thrift shop. I came out of there in about 15 minutes with a huge, cranberry colored teddy bear, and 6 doillies.

We arrived at the meet hotel and unloaded, and got checked in. The Campbell River folks are the organizers this year, in particular, Blaze and Monica. There is a lavish spread for our 'wine and cheese' in the registration room. Visiting and tire kicking commences with the awarding of the chicken for the first instance.

In the morning we are up at a civilized hour to start the tour. It looks like rain, so I get into my camouflage rain gear and Pat's into his nice black stuff. We head off on a lovely tour where our first stop is the Maritime Heritage Museum for our coffee stop. There is a glass blowing shop just next door. I managed to find a purple vase that called my name. I was not allowed to take pictures in there. Pity. The people in Malta's glass blowing shop had no problems with us tourists taking photos. So back into our cars and onward....

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