Sunday, October 18, 2009

CanAm Model T tour Sept. 2009

With the Speedster on the trailer, on Sunday after breakfast, we headed home. We stopped at Qualicum Beach at the Shady Rest Restaurant / Pub. It overlooks the beach. I have quite a few of these beach shots in largest size. I may want to print some of them one day.

We stopped at the Art Gallery containing some of Hetty Fredrickson's painted faces from the Valley of 1000 faces. She had a most interesting life and career. The paintings are so fascinating!
A nurse log. There was a small park next to the Cable cafe with people of interest mentioned, but I have not recorded that information. There were also a few logging machines on display. This is logging country.
The Cable House Cafe is constructed with cable wrapped around it. I did not go in or read about it. It was a stop we made on the way back from Sayward.

The CanAm tour finished with the banquet at the Lions Hall on Saturday. Our trip home on Sunday was a nice drive on a fine day!

At home today we picked the apples. My tree produces a big crop every second year. This year we have about 24 apples, but I still have applesauce left from last year. I raked some leaves also. Its another lovely day out today. I can quite successfully ignore all the nasty things happening in the Mid-East and the refugee boat arriving on our shores.


drkdsmith said...

Hello. I love the picture of your nurse log.

I am a sociology instructor at Portland Community College, in Portland, OR, and would like to include the picture in a powerpoint presentation for our students that will be posted in a video on YouTube. May I have your permission to do so?

Thank you,
Kim Smith

Maggie said...

You are welcome to the photo. Thanks for the consideration of asking for it. It is not the largest size. I don't know how large it need be for a powerpoints presentation. But, I image it will be ok as is in You Tube.
Send me a link.. I would love to see the presentation.
Please have a look at our new, huge photo upload / networking site: <a href="></a>
Its a fun place to spend any spare time you might have.

Maggie said...

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bev said...

hi maggie,
i seen that you went to see hetty mulder fredricksons paintings . may i ask what gallery. is there an email addy that i may contact you ?

Maggie said...

Hi Bev

We were to the Cypress Tree Inn, at the Sayward Junction. The gallery is next to the the pub/restaurant. Here is the latest information I found on the Internet about this gallery.

Its a lovely little gallery now in operation, full of her marvelous art work. This gallery really needs more recognition.

My email is not public, is yours? But you may email me at my not so private hotmail address. It is mmmee2 at hotmail dot com.