Monday, October 12, 2009

CanAm Model T tour Sept. 2009

1915 Model T Speedster. Nice wire wheels on this one too, if I must say so myself. This is why we need goggles and rain gear when the weather is wet. My new rain gear is camouflage, so nobody can see me, now!
The forest next to our picnic (lunch) spot. We were truly fed up! Very good, big lunch, with room for all at the picnic tables.
Blaze and Monica's 1914 Roadster. This car was much in evidence as these two organzied the run. Thanks ... was a terrific tour.
The trees and fresh crisp air is awesome.
Nice wire wheels and nice period costume. We have arrived at our lunch destination, the Elk Falls Provincial Park.
click for a larger view. When the cars were bunched closer together I could get a few more in the scene before the road curved.
a bit blurry. Its an overcast day. We had a bit of rain earlier.
The feature of this photo is the fence. :-)))
We followed this car for awhile. You can see where the back bumper sustained a bit of a bump.
I am sitting on our open Speedster and shooting at the cars in front of us. The road is not always smooth.
On the back of Steve and Diane's car. We followed them down the road for quite a while.

At home today we are having cooler weather. We had our Thanksgiving day duck yesterday, so today was a lazy day.

I have finished the murder mystery I was reading and could hardly put down for a minute. A Great Deliverance by Elizbeth George. I have now started a true story. . . A Mighty Heart. Its about the journalist, Danny Pearl who was kidnapped and murdered, in Pakistan.

I did a bit of a walk around the garden, dug out a few weeds while the pond was getting topped up. It is cool out there. On the Prairies they had snow, so I guess I won't complain too much.

Pat finished the ceiling in the laundry room and it looks really good, now.

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