Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The snowdrops are up and have been up for a few days. We are actually having some lovely balmy weather, but this is the earliest I can remember seeing snowdrops.

We went for lunch at the Swiss Chalet today. Love that chicken soup. One of the groups on Flickr were asking for more photos for her group's weekly challenge; so, here it is... my shot of Douglas Street.

The new site is looking super. Very exciting and we are getting closer to being on line! I have added a flag counter to my profile and have added the same one to my blog. Maybe that's not a good idea, as the flag counter shows the hits for both places. A bit of a cheat. I think I will take the flag counter off my blog as I have the hit counter and I like it.

We walked again today. It was cloudy, misty, but did not rain. Very warm. We walked to the candy store and got a lottery ticket. My pedometer showed only half a mile to the store. And we climbed that great hill on the chip trail that comes out on Gerda street at both ends.

A couple of days ago I made another button for my You Tube and have it posted in the sidebar. I really should get some more work done on my old web page. I have the creations page started but need to add more things, and the menus of all the main pages have to be changed to show the addition of the page. Would be good if I had some kind of automatic menu updating gizmo.


Anonymous said...

Yer killin me with the snow drops! Torture is agin the law! ;-)))

Maggie said...

Wait 'till you see the cyclamens.