Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Empress

The first photo in the folder for our trip to the US SW in 2007, is this photo of the Empress Hotel.  I was shooting from the deck of the Coho (Blackball) Ferry as we began the trip.    I have been looking at a few photos to add to albums of my old web page.  Its a slow old fashioned page, but I like it.  It has my stuff on it and I can go there to look up things... dates of our trips, camera equipment, etc.  The gardening page will need something like an annual update, if I ever get finished the monthly albums.

Today I finished the Creations page, where I am adding my you tube videos, and pps, or buttons, or any new things I make.  This will be a place to go back to; to see what I have done, instead of searching numerous folders for .. oh where did I put that thing?  what did I call it?  There is some method to my chaotic existence.  I find that my Travel page is excellent for questions between us regarding where we went or what year we went to places. It is just a matter of updating the page.  Everytime I add another album, I need to change all the main page drop down menus to show the new album and then reload them by FTP.   All the pages and sub pages have music, so it is slow to load.  There is no tagging and I really don't want multiple hits on this page.  It is primarily for my own purposes.  It is highly unlikely that I will ever want a commercial page.  I use photoshop to make the albums and its is very time consuming, as I have not figured out how to remake the adobe album I use, over to suit my needs.  I suppose I could use Jalbum or any number of other softwares... but I think I prefer this hands on approach, for now, anyway.

If you go to my web page, please let me know what you think of it.. here, or in the guestbook  Thanks.. 

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