Thursday, January 07, 2010

Blue Heron visitor

This big bird was checking out the fish in my garden pond this afternoon. I could not move the vertical blinds as it would have been spooked. I did a short video of it walking along the deck railing. I cannot seem to get the video to load to You Tube so that I can post it here.

As soon as I started to move closer the bird saw me and was gone. No doubt it will be back. Maybe I should have left it alone and watched if it did try to go fishing. I don't think it can reach the bottom of the pond unless it was floating and dived. Hope I catch it next time!

Today I spent hours trying to figure out yet another movie maker, so I can edit my videos. Was a big waste of time for all I learned about it. So, today has been less than productive.

Yesterday, I was learning how to make buttons for my web site and my blog or anything else I might want to have a button for. You can see my first attempt in the side panel with the professionals buttons. ;-) So, this new notion and obsession, of course, needs a page on my old web page. I spent quite a few hours making the Creations page and putting a button on it, uploading it all to my domain. Now I have decided to expand the Creations page to include hotlinks to any .pps slide shows that I do. I know I can upload them to my domain, as I have one uploaded now. All of this takes forever for me to figure out and build. It is by no means professional, but it is mine, for as long as I want to keep the domain.

There is some progress made on our new web site, but its hard to tell, when the features are not yet in place to use. Soon, hopefully!


Anonymous said...

That's a better shot of a heron than I've ever been able to do.

I gave up on movie editors a long time ago; aggravating things.

You are doing good with the buttons. Attractive buttons make people want to click them.

I am holding off doing much on the new site until I see what is going on; I would hate to mess up something. Cyrus shall prevail.

I'm sick of winter. :-)

Maggie said...

Thanks Ken. I have put a link to the button instructions I followed on my blog on the side panel under blogging help. Its easy. I would think that the new site would be a place for the jpeg upload, but I wouldn't use it until we are on line. Or, if you have your own domain, of course. Our photos on blogger are in picasa (check the bottom small print of your dashboard to find it.

Your weather is horrible, especially for your area. But, yeah... spring is coming... hang in there.

The opening of the site is coming too, hang in there! :-) I haven't done much there recently. I was leaving the holiday stuff up for now. Once we are on line new members will need time to see and figure out all the fantastic features. Some may not even move off their own site for months. :-}} Wait till you see the slide show maker! Its not yet finished, though. Its so hard to wait for all the stuff to get done. Cyrus needs time to do the rest of the "help" too. And a few bugs left to fix, here and there. The ecommerce needs more work, I believe. Did you see your own home store? Considering the size of the site, the time in the creation of it is just not that long, I figure.