Saturday, January 09, 2010

More on Megashot

This is my profile page banner. You can see the menu bar in gold font for places to visit and things to do on the mother site. This is surely the mother of all photo uploading / networking sites!
This is how my new banner looks on my photostream page. We can move our photos around on this page and create galleries. My main focus is going to be in travel. I have prepared a few galleries for places we have travelled and I am slowly getting photos uploaded ... at least one for the cover of each gallery. Our thumbnails are quite big and they look very very good, with a choice of viewing in 3 sizes.
On the top right of our profile page we have a "journal". This part of our sites works like a blog. It would be good to use text mostly, or use the save for web to reduce the size of photos, so your page will load faster. On the top left we have thumbnails of our most recent uploads. This is just the beginning. There are many more features, just on each individual site. As you can see we can customize the themes to create our site.
The site will have full ecommerce. This is the banner I made for my 'store'. This banner is different from the profile banner. I made it look the same for continuity on my page(s). I am currently working on items that I might have for sale in my store.

A marvelous feature that the owner/designer - Cyrus Khamak - and his team of builders are currently putting the finishing touches on is a presentation video engine. We will be able to make a slideshow of our photos, with music and the ability to view in HD quality. We will be able to view in full screen and share our videos on other sites. We can also now have videos embedded in numerous places on our sites, or in comments on others people's photos, or in their guest books. Here is a presentation Cyrus has done using the new slideshow that is going to be available to all members: on you tube for now

There will be help text descriptions of how to manage all the features. There will also be video tutorials. This place really rocks. I can hardly wait until we go public with it.

There are many more features.. communities, contests, anonymous rating and voting, publications of news items, or tutorials, and many other things I have not mentioned. More later perhaps.

We hope to be on line before the month is out. Wish us luck.


KenA said...

Cyrus should hire you as head propagandist and press secretary! Very well presented, Maggie.

I am finding the help section to be very useful.

Stay warm, my friend.

Maggie said...

I guess the videos are going to be really helpfull too. I kinda like the text version cause I can go over it in one window while trying to follow instructions in another. There is a lot to learn! It is easy to understandd, though.

Hope your weather soon gets back to normal.