Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My light garden

I have spent most of the last 2 days cleaning up my light garden. I repotted violets, cleaned cactus, repotted the 2 begonias, cleaned the orchids and the trays. All the plants are watered and clean and tomorrow I will fertilize the ones that are going to survive the cleaning. I split one very tired violet into three. One looks to be fading fast. I really don't need 3 of the same. My light garden has 3 shelves and is 4 feet long by about 5.6 feet tall. This was my 'picker upper' gift to myself when I turned 50. Its a pleasure to own. In the morning, I turn on its lights and spray the few orchids, violets and the begonias with a light mist. This has become a ritual for the morning, like brushing my teeth.

The theme for the week at VFXY is 'something new". I hope the new little buds on the old orchid will be okay for the theme. I bought this orchid for the half price of $12 at the grocery store. This store puts their orchids from the flower shop on at half price when they loose their blooms. Its a good deal. I have two of them now that have re-bloomed and are in good healthy condition. They are not specialty orchids, just phalinopsis, but they look good, and bloom better than the fancy ass ones I have purchased at orchid shows. My violets are mostly minatures. I only have so much room and am now at full capacity. Air plants are really small and showy when in bloom. I have one that blooms and the other one just seems to be constantly green... no blooms. I have never had a cactus bloom for me yet. I guess I shall need to get a Christmas cactus, or treat the ones I have very badly so they think their life is at an end and they should go forth and propogate.

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Flowers said...

Nice blog. Nice to see the indoor plants very well potted. It looks beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.