Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new old Orchid

I bought this phalinopsis orchid for half price ($12) at the grocery store a few weeks ago. Since then, it has formed two last buds on the spray. The buds are now open and its a beauty. Yellow with burgundy center. I took it off the light garden for these photos. The tall one is a good picture of how the cherry wood of our new cabinets is aging. Its gorgeous. We are having rain and more rain, so it is very grey outside. I could not seem to get the camera set well enough to take sharp pictures. But here they are anyway. The white background one, is actually green of the verticals over the patio door. I hope I get better light in the next few days. I want to try get a photo of the yellow orchid against the green verticals, as the orchid looks good against the green, too.

I spent the afternoon making foccacio bread. We will have it tonite with meat loaf. If its any good, I might add its photo and recipe.

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