Sunday, January 17, 2010

Panama Flats

I took these two photos on our walk In the Panama Hill Park and along the Panama Flats. I have no idea why they are called the Panama Flats. The land was owned by Vantreights up until a few years ago. The pond you see is part of the park, but further along the area that once grew vegetables in summer is now covered with a shallow flood of water. There is a sluice gate that they can open in the Spring and it drains the Flats. In winter when it freezes people can skate on this big flat area of shallow frozen water.
My pedometer shows I walked 1.86 miles today. On our walk we did 1.36 miles. This is pretty good for me. Both Pat and I need to get in shape for our next trip, which is going to be pretty active.
Earlier today I made a carrot pudding and we had some of it for dinner along with Clam sauce and spaghetti. The clam sauce was superb. We had a spinach salad. All very good and healthy. We enjoyed it with half a bottle of dry Reisling.

On our walk, I saw a pair of merganser ducks, a pair of pintail ducks, and of course the usual mallards. Its good to see the new kinds of ducks on the pond and on the flats. There were quite a few people out walking as the weather is quite warm. We got home just before it started to rain. Now, a few hours later, the wind has come up.

I love our new site. It is looking soooooo good. I really hope we can get on line in beta this month, but there is a lot to do yet. And Cyrus has it all to do himself. I have no idea how he manages.


KenA said...

Love the lone tree and lane and especially the b/w.

Maggie said...

The sky was just blown. You can't tell in b and w. Thanks Ken