Thursday, January 21, 2010


The very close petal photo is taken in super macro mode and cropped. I made this one for the Flickr group - Flower Petal Art.
This little plant is blooming profusely again. It is a marvelous winter flowering cyclamen coum. It grows from a bulb or tuber. The tuber stays in the ground all year around. It is just below the surface and sometimes is showing above ground. I have had it for years. In the spring I will give it a covering of compost and pea gravel. It goes dormant for the summer. I have quite a few of them around the garden. They need good drainage and are otherwise easy care lovely little plants.

I skimmed leaves off the pond and must get out and rake them off the paths. We have had a couple of good windy nights recently and my leaf mulch has escaped onto the paths in places.

It was a good day with a bit of time for a bit of everything, for me, today. The weather is balmy.


Anonymous said...

Cyclamen are not used a lot around this area, but it looks like they should be. These are fantastic with their unique leaves and the cushion moss. Thanks for making my wait for spring a little easier.

Maggie said...

Thanks for your attention to my blog and your comments.

Hope those robins start attending your feeders soon.