Monday, January 11, 2010

More on Megashot - Communities

The community banner for "Playtime" - This is a community I made on our new site Megashot. This is the banner. The communities are entirely customizable by the Mega Admin and any Admins that he or she adds. The communities are a place for people with the same interests to hold discussions on all matters of their central interest. On the menu you see the pool page, discussions page, which are the main pages for the members. The other pages are for the Admins. The "Megashot" has a drop down menu where you can choose which part of the mother site you want to visit. "your site" has a drop down menu to take you to any place on your own site that you want to visit.
Next in scrolling down the front page of the community, we see the latest submissions to the community pool, on the left. Center is the greeting for the communityand below that is any ads the Mega admin wants to allow. On the left you see the stats of the community, (here you can 'leave' the community) next is the list of recent members (all members can be viewed by clicking the members button on the menu, and next is a few words of the current discussion which can be seen in full on the discussions page; and participated in with comments.
Next screen shot scrolling down the community page we see more thumbnails for the recent photos on the right. In the center below the ads we see the photos of week/day/all time/ (you can choose which view you want to see). These are the photos most commented, rated, faved, from within the community pool. On the left is more of the discussion threads.
next down the page is more additions to the community pool on the left. In the center is the Community content set by the Mega Admin, Admins for a glimpse of what is happening in the Community. On the right are favourite links.
Last on the page is a place where we can make playlists of any video of interest to the Community found on you tube. This feature, alone, could keep you busy for hours watching videos of matters that are close to your heart. :-)
I originally build this community called PLAYTIME on Megashot as a place to have monthly themes for the entertainments of the seasons or otherwise. As the name suggests it is a place to play and upload photos for the monthly playtime theme. I took another step and asked any members if they wanted to submit a customization for the next months front page theme to the discussion threads. The members could then view the submissions and vote on them. The most appreciated customization for the theme would be the front page for the Community. So far, I have had no submissions for the next month's customization.

Hopefully, we will be on line this month and you can have a look at how easy it is to customize your own site or build a community. Its fun! We have a few thriving Communities on the site, so far. I can imagine this mushrooming when we are on line.


Anonymous said...

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Maggie said...

Hi Joan
Thanks for the visit and the comment.

Hopefully, the new site will be on line in Beta testing before this month is out.

Interesting gadgets blog ... I will probably get back to it when I have more time.

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