Saturday, January 23, 2010

Early Spring in the garden

This little crocus is open in the front garden and the Winter Jasmine is in bloom in the woodland garden at the back.  This is a very early Spring.  I should get out and prune the roses and clematis. 

I have finally noticed the new editor on my blog and decided to try it.  It has many new features.  I can drag these photos around to where ever I want them in the post.  I can change html and it will only effect the current post.  This is fun for a "blogging features" junkie. I can easily change fonts and font colors  and size.    I think I will stick to 'normal".   It seems to take a bit longer to upload, but that is not a big deal considering the options available.
Yesterday I made a big dinner for Lloyd, Pat and I .  It went pretty well.  We finished just in time for them to get down town for their Whiskey Tasting.  

I am reading Googled - the story of Google.  Wonderful story.  Go google!  I use a lot of their "products" and find them very user friendly.    I am sure they will find a way for us to blast the freeloaders off of our comments.  The moderation is working for me.  I am not sure if there is a little message on the comment page to tell people that this comment will be moderated and allowed or rejected by the owner of the blog.  There probably is and I just never see it cause its my blog, of course. 


KenA said...

The jasmine bloom sort of resembles forsythia; yellow is the color of spring. The crocus is beautifully torturing me.

I use Scribefire to write and upload my blogs. It is a Firefox extension, and is feature laden. I don't use all its stuff, but it is better than the native Blogspot and Wordpress editors.

I saw a tv show about the creation of Google, its present empire, and some of its future plans. Beats MS all to hell. I fear when the Google founders step completely out of the way, it will be another MS. I see where the founders are selling billions of $ in stock. I bet they have something new planned; should be interesting.

Maggie said...

I don't know if you have seen anything on Google's plans for making every book in the world available on line. Of course, there are copyright laws to overcome, and etc. But they will do it, just like they do everything else they set out to do. This "Googled" book I am reading is good information and I have just started it. No doubt the future plans will be in the back of this book.
Scribefire sounds good. Firefox has become big and slow for me. I don't think I want to add an editor to it. In fact, I have dropped all my grease monkey plug in things or whatever they were called. I think Google has something of their own, too.. sorta like Word document from MS, but I have not had time to look for it yet.
My little winter jasmine needs to be pruned properly so that it grows into a lovely round ball or column of yellow! I wish I had room for a foresythia. They are lovely too. Yes, especially in Spring.. so bright and cheery.

Carolyn said...

I had a collection of 25 different types of Daffodils. I planted them in large swaths. The mass of flowers was magnificent. Especially, when I added a border of Muscari.

Maggie said...

That's a classic Spring border, Carolyn! I wish I had the room for to do that. What do you put into the space when the Daffodils are finished?

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