Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunset silhouettes

In trying to clean up my files a bit, I found this one from about a year ago. There are some things that I just cannot throw away. In fact, I could not find very much today to throw away.

On Saturday I was to Cannor nursery and bought 16 new perennials, a few annuals, 3 tomatoes, more sand and a bit more topsoil. They will probably deliver tomorrow. So, on Saturday, I got nothing done in the garden. Yesterday, I spent a few hours cleaning out more violets and weeds in the Japanese garden area. I finished cleaning up to the edge of the deck, today. I have extended the little dry stream to run back to the big old stump at the deck edge, then it curves and goes over towards the deck post. In front of this area I am going to grow moss. Nothing else will be allowed to grown here except the moss. I have transplanted a few tufts of really good moss from under the steps but will do more to get a good start on the moss garden. I have one more side of the pond to weed and clean; and the rhodos area by the deck steps to clean. I will pull most of the ferns out of the moss that is growing so nicely under the deck steps and make it an extension to the moss out in front of the deck area. This should only take a few hours, and then I will be finished that area for now. I must keep the area moist. If I run too much water into the pond to top it up, the overflow point is conveniently right at this little dry stream area and the water runs down into the moss garden. Pictures tomorrow, maybe.

I must keep the veggie garden moist now, too, until the seeds germinate. The spinach is up and now the radishes are too. So, there is something happening, at least.

The next thing I must do, is to clip the hedges, then get the thyme circle and the other beds at the front cleaned up. I will be taking up the stepping stones of the paths and digging out all the little weeds and clover, then resetting the stones on a bed of newspapers covered with sand. I will wet the newspaper as I go along, so I can get the stones set more or less level. I don't want to use any of that garden cloth... not sure why... just being perverse, I guess.

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