Friday, May 29, 2009

Rhodos and stepping stones

The bench and the thyme circle.
Today I spent a few hours digging out the stones from the rock path. I am putting a few layers of newprint under them with sand and putting the stone back down. Over the past 12 years this has been a relatively easy care path, but in the last couple of years the cloverr and other weeds have taken over. So, it is time to renovate the rock paths. It is going to take me a while to get this done. I made a good start today. It was hot and sunny. I clipped a bit of the boxwood hedge too. As always, it looks very good when cleaned up. Its coming along.
a close up of the rhodo nearest the patio area. The 'dames rocket' which is a lovely purple color, self sows next to this rhodo. I inadvertantly cut a stem of this bi-annual and so brought it into the house. It has a marvelous fragrance. I must get photos of this combination.
this is the stepping stones path shooting from the grass space towards the rhodos with the Harry Lauders Walking stick shrub on one side and the achillia and others on the opposite side. The hose runs to the top of the photo and to the steps that lead into the back gardens. So this is shooting from the opposite end of the stepping stones from the other shot. I have liberated a sturdy stepping stone from the front to replace the last of the decorative stones.
this photo is taken from the steps leading up to the back garden. This is the new stepping stones going past the rhodos on one side and the fig and fennel on the other side. The garden hose is going to be a permanent fixture this summer. It empties into the pond and I use it to water the veggie garden, the moss, and all around the back area. To water the woodland would take a major realignment of the hose.

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