Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have two orchids in bloom. The pink one, I believe is a miniature catalaya called Pixie, the lady slipper is Paph. philippenense Graeham x Nancy, according to its tag. I have grown the lady slipper from a tiny plant and this is its first bloom for me. It has four flowers, Pixie has 3.

I was trying to do macros of Pixie's petals for Chrissie's Petal Art group on Flickr. One of these works, I think.

I brushed some heavy snow off my boxwood hedge today. I think the hedge will spring back up, without too much damage. I hope my fish have survived in the tubs. The snow is melting, but not very fast. This morning there was black ice on the roads until it warmed up a bit.

We received a lovely flower arrangement from J and C. I must send pictures. Pat has sent a note.

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