Sunday, December 14, 2008


Last night we began to get snow and this morning there was about 8 - 10 inches piled up everywhere. My waterfall is running and keeping the water open. Its quite a contrast between the dark water and light snow. I am pretty happy with this shot.
The Anna's Hummingbirds stay around all winter. I have been trying to get a photo of this bird for 2 months now. This morning I finally got a semi decent photo of it. It has its feathers all fluffed up and is not wasting energy flying. I refilled the feeder and the bird was back for a few sips all day. I did not manage a flying photo of it, though. It sits on the perch at the feeder to eat, so I would really have to be fast to catch it flying. The background is too light because of the snow on the branches of the trees.

Yesterday I loaded the Vilnius photos to my Multiply Travel album. I shall do the Amsterdam ones and then have the 2008 trip up on line, at least, if not on my own home page. They are on my blog, also.

I have my Flickr groups and comments pretty well caught up and had some time to surf around at bit. I followed a comment on my stuff back to the commenter's photostream and found some really nice Carlsbad caverns stuff, and another girl had some excelent stage shots of some band.

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