Monday, December 08, 2008


I don't know just what is wrong with this persepctives shot, but something about it just niggles at me.

It was another nice day. I raked some leaves, clipped down the pink rose, the jackimani clematis, and the burning bush, all of which are in the same corner of the garden. They will come to take my big green bin full of stuff away tomorrow and leave me another bag of compost. Next I should start weeding the violets out of everywhere, as well as other weeds. But, starting with the Japanese garden area, as it looks so much better when it is weeded, trimmed and the gravel refurbished. Hopefully I will get the area where I am growing moss uncovered so the moss can grow.

Yesterday I loaded the 'Riga' photos to my travel album on Multiply. I still need to do Vilnius and Amsterdam. I have my Flickr groups caught up to date, have reduced my number of groups and contacts. It is a bit more livable now. Next on line, I should finish another album or two for my old home page. No one goes there, which is probably a good thing. Its just my travel pictures and other ramblings, and very amateur.

Cyrus' new site is slowly progressing. It is so exciting watching this beautiful site grow. Its gonna be terrific, I am sure, and well worth all his effort and expense.

Pat received his fat man steering wheel today. What an adventure. Arthur's sister, in Ontario arranged to go and buy it and ship it out to him. It is in very good condition and will be a really trick item for his new old Model T-- which is a beauty, too. Pat has been doing floor boards for it most recently, as well as got Pat Houle to make him a small part. There will be more to do. This is going to be grand when finished and painted up. I hope he keeps his Speedster, as he has a fine place for storage now.


Anonymous said...

I don't find the perspective to be unusual.
Perhaps because the left vertical is close to the photo edge you might try perspective correction and see if it looks better to you.

Maggie said...

Thanks Ken
I am not sure what perspective correction is, but I will hunt around for it. You are most probably right about that left vertical too close to the edge. Yes, I believe that is it.