Friday, December 12, 2008

Auto Parts

These are photos of the hub of Pat's 1912 Model T. He needs to find new ones. I shot these yesterday for my best client. He picked out the photos he thought best and sent them on to a friend who is going to be looking for some of these for him.

This morning I heard from Bianca about the carpet. I might be able to have the installation done on Dec. 23. Said she would call back to confirm... gave her my cell number cause I was going to be out for most of the day. No call back, of course.

We were to an Indian restaurant for malagatawny soup, yum, for lunch, then to Oak Bay for tea and desert, at some Italian place. No chocolate cake, so I had this torte thing. We then made a few stops to shoot for the grid. It was horrible. Rain, wind, cold. My photos are terrible. We got some groceries, as the weather says we are in for some stormy cold weather. In Victoria, no one moves if they don't have to, when we have ice and snow. So, we should be set for a few days. We picked up some KFC for supper. I am chilled and longing for my Mother's feather comforter and her administration of Vicks! Just the thought makes me warm and happy.

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