Thursday, December 11, 2008


I spent a few minutes in the garden, yesterday, trying to get a good photo for the Bokeh Wednesday group on Flicker. I found drops of water sparkling like jewels on the plants with the rich colors of Autumn for a background. The largest drops are a very tight crop to try to get the drops larger.

We have still not heard from Home Depot about the carpet. I called Karas yesterday and she said she would try find out about it and call me back as soon as she knew anything, or have the knot heads in the carpet department call me. She alluded to the mythical Melinda, who we have never heard from on this carpet deal, and who is suppose to be in charge of the carpet department. Still nothing today. I can't imagine how much trouble our kitchen cabinets are going to be if they cannot manage to get a simple piece of carpet ordered in the correct size and installed in a timely manner. Would you say 2 1/2 months is a bit long to be waiting for a piece of carpet? This incident is surely going to be reported to the Better Business Bureau, after contacting Madson, the store manager. Home Depot is NOT a good place to try to get anything done in a timely manner; and you need to check the quality of every item as well. The supply of wood products in the store is a disgrace to a home renovations store. I could go on and on about them. I suppose it helps to blow off steam here, instead of at the employees.

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