Sunday, December 07, 2008


This is a reflection in the 'water table'. The water table is the plastic table on our deck. It has a hollow in it that fills with water. When it rains we can see the drops hitting the water. This day the English oak tree is reflected in the mirror of the water. That tree looks better colors in the water table reflection than it does against the blue sky, even on a sunny day.

I belong to a blogging community called VFXY - Please, push my button on the side. My quality level over the last couple of days has been bouncing back and forth between 8 and 9. Nine being one of the highest levels on the site. I was so excited to see it get to that level. Also, my rank finally made it under 300 to 215 at one point. Now its back over 300. The lower the number of the rank the better, as no. 1 is the highest rank. We cannot control these numbers, except perhaps by participating on the site in a good way. But to figure out how to do that would take more time than I have to fiddle about with it. It really is an interesting little site to surf around on. There are a lot of animus blogs. Quite a few bloggers like mine. There seems to be 2100+ participants at the moment; but I have not done a thorough check of that either.

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A very beautiful mirror of nature!