Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, oh no, Snow in Victoria

We are going to have a white Christmas this year. We have had 2 to 3 feet of wet, heavy snow dumped on us. One of the pictures shows big fat snow flakes falling against the Eucalyptus tree. Tara, Andy and Pat have been shovelling off the driveway. Today we actually had a snow plow down our street. The other main roads where the buses go have been clear and wet/icey. Tomorrow we are to get more of the +3 temperatures with just below 0 over night. There were big clumps of snow falling off the trees today. I have not gone out to see the damage on the hedge. We are to get more snow on Wednesday and much the same temperatures.

I have been trying to catch a few photos of the birds. There are quite a few different kinds of brown birds out there. Wrens, juncos, sparrows of several kinds, and the hummers.

Tomorrow we get our lost piece of carpet! Sure hope its a good match for the color in the rest of the area. Would sure hate to have to wait another 2 months for this stuff. You would think, that in this down turn of the economy that there might be quicker installation times, if nothing else. I can't imagine why it took so long to get the carpet delivered to the store. They seem to have several levels of people to deal with and nobody gives anyone else any information. I have to tell the story to each one of them that calls about it.

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Beautiful. I miss the snow...