Monday, December 29, 2008


This is a photo of the late afternoon light behind the snowy trees to the south across the road from my dining room window on the 22nd of December. Too bad about all the power lines. Since the 26th the snow has been melting, the temperatures have been near 0 and a bit higher.

We were out to MacMorrans last night with Colleen and John. Pat has a nasty cold so this dinner out was not a great success for us. Of course, it was dark out and we could not see the ocean. There were very few people out. C and J go home today.

I now have the dishes moved out of the cupboard above the dishwasher, and have the glassware and crystal moved out of the cupboard above the kettle, except for what we are going to use daily. I move a few things everyday, which makes it all a bit easier than rushing to do it all at once.

I downloaded google browser 'chrome' ... it is easy. I will probably still use my old Firefox for now though. I will probably upgrade my firefox in January.


Anonymous said...

Keep me posted on the Chrome browser if you change to it.
The powerlines in this photo would not be terribly difficult to clone out, but a bit time consuming. It is a striking photo.

Maggie said...

I just wanted to leave the power lines cause that's the way our real view is.

Chrome is very easy. You can import all your bookmarks and anything you have on Firefox. If you want to play with a few of the settings that's easy too, Top right corner with a drop down menu to find tools or options whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

Glad you will leave the powerlines; it's an old electrician thing on my part, I suppose ... :-)))