Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cabinetry and stuff

Colleen and John sent us a boquet and wishes for our anniversary. Much appreciated, thank you. The birds of paradise are still alive and doing well.

I was playing in my old Paintshop Pro program, looking for the flood filter. I still have it, and made this para glider walk on water, framed him too, while I was at it. The photo is from our trip through the Panama Canal, and our stop at Aruba. The flood filter is by Flaming Pear. I have not looked at what they are doing lately.

We have had a call from the Kitchen Kraft people who are making the cabinets for our kitchen reno. The cabinets are to be here on the 13th, and David is to start installation on the 19th. I have all of the things out of the cupboards, except what we use daily. Today I emptied the old wardrobe, Pat took it apart and I stored it in the library. I hope to put this in the suite for a closet when Tara and Andy find their own place -- if ever that should happen. Would be nice to have our house back to ourselves. I would like to have the suite cleaned with new flooring, paint, draperies. Then I am thinking of furnishing it for long term visitors ... or house sitters.

Flickr groups have been quite busy lately. I think hotshots group is getting back to normal after the natzi moderator. I like the name of the group. I dug up this old photo from years ago taken with my old Canon A50. Damn that camera was a good one. Too bad it ate batteries at an impossible rate. Nice sharp lens on it and a P & S that shoots in RAW. I didn't know about the RAW when I took this photo, though. drat.

Pat is getting a new monitor and fan for his computer. Trevor is to bring it on the 13th. Maybe I will get him to take mine away with him to fix the backup at that time too. Then I should be able to move the desk so that the new carpet and paint can be done. We have yet to move the old desk downstairs, too. Both of these desks are extremely heavey. I should be able to take off doors and remove drawers and stuff to make each of them easier to move.

The ice has melted on the tub in the front garden and I saw that Elvis (the fish) lives... after being under ice for all that time. The pump is still disconnected at the back. There are no fish in there now, anyway. That bloody big bull frog ate them all.

A week or two ago, I put some apples out near the deer pasture for the deer. The apples had disappeared and there were deer tracks in the snow. So, I have put a few more apples out. Our deer are very good about never eating my plants. We saw a buck and 3 does in the deer pasture, one night when we were going out to dinner, in the dark. It seems they do move around at night.

I have been leaving the humming bird feeder out at night lately as it has been warm enough again. It is raining now and all of the snow should soon be gone. The humming birds visit every day... one at a time, of course.

Cyrus has new builders and a new server for the site. It should start to move along faster now. I think he has all of the 'architecture' or design done for the site... with tweaks and additions to be done as we go along, and the builders code it and load it. This site is really going to be an exceptional, marvelous place to spend time. It is great fun watching it being made, and even getting to add my two cents worth now and then.

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