Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slow down World V

I am slowly getting the photos from my Victoria Grid shoot tweaked and loaded to Flickr. I seem to be having trouble even thinking about doing the gravestone photos from the Chinese Cemetery. I may not post them at all. Thanks to a few good friends on Flickr for their patience while I get this and few other things done, before visiting their photostreams to do more than just peek at their stuff.

I have been reading voraciously in the last week too. I read Sue Grafton's T is for Trespass in a couple of days. Scared the woo hoo outta myself reading the ending late last nite. I had to leave the lights on as I found my way to bed. I don't think I woke Pat up, though.

Its a bit of an adventure cooking meals. Some of the stuff is migrating back into the cupboards and I forget which things are back in the kitchen and which ones are in the library or the guest room. Well, we should have the corian countertops in within 4 - 5 weeks and then I will be permanently back in the kitchen. Hopefully with flooring and lighting done also. Maybe even the painting, if we are lucky.

The apples I put out for the deer were gone in a day. I must put out more for the deer before the squirrels take them all off the deck. The hummingbirds are met with frozen food in the mornings but it is thawed quickly with all the sun we have been having. Sun, but not too very high temperatures. Lots of birds at the feeders that Andy and Tara put out. I cannot seem to get a good photo of anything, though. Not enough patience or time to wait for the shot, I guess.

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