Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slow down World II

I am slowly getting the photos that I took last week tweaked and loaded to Flickr for the Victoria Grid Project group. I have quite a few taken with the long lens shooting from up by the Observatory. Its a very nice grid this month and people are loading to the pool, at last.

Tara and I got back from Sask. and the service for Flo, on Thursday. I have been feeling rather punky and was blaming it on the stink of the wood glue on the cabinetry that is sitting all around me. It seems Carol also has this flu, so we must have picked it up somewhere in our visits over Wednesday. Oh well, am getting over it. I have a few snow photos, but did not feel like shooting people.

We have all the dishes moved out of the kitchen and are ready for David to come to remove the old cabinets and put in the new. He will probably be here at the crack of dawn, of course. I have moved a lot of boxes to make space to get to my light garden and to remove the glass ones to safer area. We have 2 big boxes out on the deck yet. We are so fortunate it has not been raining.

A lot of stuff is getting done on the new site, apparently. New server and new builders. It all seems so complicate to me at this juncture.

I missed the VCCC run today as I was busy moving stuff. It was a good run, it seems, arranged by Sheas and Clarks. It was a bright and sunny day.

All the apples I put out in the deer pasture are gone, so I gave them 2 dozen more today. Also filled the humming bird feeder. The garden looks ok. I need to do some trimming of the cedar hedge. I do not see the crocuses up yet. They should be popping up soon with all the sunshine we had in the last couple of days.

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