Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slow down World VI

Finally finished tweaking and loading the photos to the Victoria Grid Project on Flickr. I am way, way behind in my contacts and friends photo uploads and in my groups comments and moderating. Thanks to everyone for all the comments, if you read this. I will get back to you asap.

Randall was here today from ten to one o'clock to make the template for the corian counter tops. He was full of good information. We will get a new sink and use their plumber. Need to get our own taps. We spent some time going and looking at different places today for the taps we might use. Man, they are expensive! I think our countertops are going to be superb.... Granola with a pompey red 1/4" inlay stip near the edge.

Tomorrow Rob from Hourigans comes to measure for the lino and carpet in my room and in the bathrooms. Randall suggested that I could have them do a 3/4 inch new floor over top what is there, for more height. My cabinets are standard height, except for the 'island' and the one under the microwave shelf. The kick plates are tall enough to allow for a bit higher floor. Every little bit helps when you are vertically challenged. -- 5 feet tall.

Brad, the electrician will be here on Sunday to speak to us of pot lights and hooking up the dishwasher. Its all a mystery to me, especially where that dishwasher connects to the power. I did not see where David the carpenter, disconnected it and now there are cabinets around this machine. We will have to pull it out to see, I guess. Both Pat and I have done some damage to our backs with all this unusual lifting and moving furniture. We really will need a couple of guys and a dolly to move our heavy desks and stuff around when the new flooring is getting done.

Randall gave us a time line of 16 to 18 of February for the counter tops, so hopefully we will have the lighting done before then, and the flooring soon after. Then the painting...... hey, we may even be finished by end of February! I already love the cabinets. That cherrywood is lovely, and should darken over time. The pompey red pin stripe in the counter should just about match the reds in the wood.

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