Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slow down World

Pat drove me out to the Victoria Grid for the month of January, on Friday. Part of the grid is along the ocean. It was a semi-sunny day, coolish and with the wind off the water my hands were very cold while trying to shoot. My camera was crying out for a battery change which it does whenever it gets too cold. I got a few ok photos, nothing spectacular.

We had to take the big old desk and the wardrobe apart to get them moved. Very heavy particle board stuff. Pat has the desk down in his room now. I think it looks better than the old table he had. His room looks really rather interesting now.

When I was out shooting for the grid on Friday, my sister who had been in a care facility, passed away. Tara and I fly back to Regina on Tuesday for the services on Wednesday and then back home on Thursday. Meanwhile, at home, Pat will be attending to the delivery of the cabinetry and his new computer stuff. Everything seems to happen at once.

Today, I took a walk to see how the water was in our river. Some areas of Greater Victoria and the Island have been having severe flooding. Our river is up to the top of its banks but nothing too alarming. We are so lucky. All of the ice and snow melted which I think, contributed to our safer water levels, as the rain water was able to run away to storm sewers or out to the river. We are to have a drier period next week.

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