Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slow down World IV

I managed to get six photos ready and loaded to Flickr for the Victoria Grid Project. In this photo, I was shooting into the sun and over Gonzales Bay through the monuments in the Chinese Cemetery. I played in photoshop on this one for quite a while to get it to look a bit better.

Yesterday David finished installing the cabinets and building the kitchen trolly and the curio/hutch. The design of the cabinets is simplicity itself... no grooves or lines to collect dust, just lovely flat "honey spice" cherry wood from floor to ceiling, with bronzy nobs and drawer pull handles. There are a few finishing touches to do, but before David does them, the corian counter top people will be here and so will Hourigans to install the flooring.
This morning, Rob, from Countryside, the countertop people, was here to measure and talk to us about backsplashes, types of edges and etc. We are having a lighter sandy color that will be very similiar to the floor, called Oatmeal, with a tiny red pinstripe, bullnose edges and a 4 inch backsplash... I think. They will phone us when the guy has the template ready to bring down to show us. We can request any changes at that time. We are getting a new double sink that sits down below the edge... I forget what he called it. We will use their plumber. We have yet to get taps. The outside time line on the countertops is 4 - 5 weeks. Rob, from Hourigans is coming next Wednesday morning to measure for the lino in kitchen and bathrooms, and the carpet in my room. I hope we can get Wally to install it again.
I vacuumed and planned where to put things in the new space. I like how it all looks. The trolly will take a bit of getting used to as it uses up space that we were walking through to my room, past the desk. I need to get one drawer in the cabinet by the door, moved to the middle compartment and to as close to the bottom as possible; then this compartment will be for coats and boots and the one closest to the door for the brooms. The other side, I want to move the shelves down and store my camera gear in here, including paper for printing, old 35mm and Holga photos,etc.

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