Friday, January 30, 2009

roosting tree

This tree appears to be a roosting tree. What kind of birds are roosting, I do not know. I have closer photos of it and since I did not want to touch it, I could not tell if it was some sort of strange fungus or if the birds had done this. I did not notice any smell, that you would expect from a roosting tree. Also, this tree is beside Grange Road.. not a high traffic area, but surely birds would not roost next to a road when there are so many other trees available in the area. I have never seen any flock of birds here either. One of the photos is with the on board flash and the other is without flash. I have done no photo editing except downsize.

Today was another busy day about the house. Watered and fed the house plants. My $12 phal. orchid is blooming. When its last flower opens I wll try get a photo of it.


Anonymous said...

I may be mistaken, but I believe this is pine sap. It could be from wounds (sapsucker, woodpecker, boring insects etc.). I bet the tree is under attack from some kind of critter, and it is using the sap to cover its wounds. The sap will also cause other small critters to shy away from the tree.
I once saw (Discovery Channel) such a tree that had a woodpecker's nest hole drilled in it, and a big black snake was trying to get at the young peckers inside. The bird attacked the snake and drove him off, but then the pecker drilled a bunch of holes in the bark below it's nest and sap like this oozed out and ran down the tree. The snake returned and tried again, but the sap caused him a lot of discomfort and he could not get to the nest.

Maggie said...

oh, of course, that makes good sense. You are probably right -- its tree sap! It really looks gross, though