Thursday, June 23, 2016

More scenes in my garden on April 24

 View of the hedge at the front entry way.  The boxwood hedge had just been trimmed with my easy to use rechargeable hedge trimmer.
 More of the boxwood hedge
 Another view of the grass path and boxwood hedge.
 Shooting from the grass path over the little boxwood hedge, past the little rockery, and over the thyme circle to the bench in its tall cedar hedge nook.
a wider view of the front garden from the little boxwood hedge to the bench.
 A closer view of the bench and the thyme circle.  The thyme circle has suffered some damage from the removal of a bamboo root that ran across the thyme.  I am filling in the thyme with new transplants.  I have quite a few spare thyme plants growing in the front garden.
 The iberis along the edge of the driveway under the magnolia tree.
 Some of the rock plants in the little rockery in full bloom.
On June 17 I was to the Butterfly Gardens and got a fine picture of the blue morpho.  While out at the Butterfly Gardens the people  who were running the Species at Risk trailer, said we don't have monarchs on Vancouver Island, but they are sure other butterflies would enjoy the milkweed.  Well, maybe in a few years, if I can get some monarchs for release, to lay eggs on my milkweed, maybe we might get a few monarchs.  It might take a few years and maybe a few more people to grow milkweed, but it would sure be nice to make it happen.  

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