Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Some of the plants in the cutting garden room, the woodland room, and the little rockery of my garden on April 23

 This is a new plant in the little rockery in the back garden.  It is Androsace Sempervivoides or rock jasmine.  It should be covered in pink blossoms next Spring.
 The scleranthus uniflorum (New Zealand Moss) is slowly spreading in the little rockery in the back garden
 The little lewisias in bloom.  These little lewisias have self seeded around the little rockery.
 The chives that grow next to the English Oak tree just along the property line on the east side of the back garden.

 This French lilac grows beside the Oak tree and blooms profusely with the heavenly lilac fragrance.
I have a tall bearded iris bed growing on the other side of the Oak tree.  The iris bed goes to the corner of where my garden meets both neighbors properties.  The herbs, a clematis and the back cedar hedge go along this property line.  Sheila's fence makes a nice back drop for the irises, but I do have two small hedging cedars growing up there.  The stump from the wisteria vine is in this corner where our properties meet.  Once I would  dream about having a trellis for the wisteria in this corner that extended to both neighbors properties with benches under the trellis where we could enjoy visits ... well dream on... it won't happen.
 The tall bearded iris multiply very quickly.  This is one that is in the driveway strip.  It is time to divide them again and replenish the soil.
 This is a wild volunteer small tree in the woodland.  I believe it is an Indian Plum tree.  The birds are supposed to be crazy about these fruits.  As this tree popped up next to my Saskatoon trees you can guess who gets all of those berries, too.  I have a lot of birds in my garden, so don't mind them having the berries.
The top of the woodland area behind our old garage with the Japanese cedar in the center, the pin oak to the left with the lily of the valley just in front of the oak.  The oak was just opening its leaves at this time.  Most other trees were fully leaved out at this time, even the English oak.  

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