Thursday, June 02, 2016

Over view of the garden rooms on April 23rd

 This is the thyme circle in the foreground and the overview of the front inner garden.
 Going from the foreground to the background we go past the moss/Japanese garden and up the cement blocks to the pond surround.  This area is shaded by the plum tree overhead.
 View of the little rockery in the back garden taken from the stone path that is the entry way to the pond area or into the vegie/cutting garden area.
 An overview of the little rockery with the cutting garden in the back ground.
 a view from the stairs of the deck down at foreground rhodos, primula path, the fig tree bed, the old sidewalk bed next to the old garage and the apple tree in its room surrounded by grass.
 a another view of the little rockery.
 Looking over the fig tree bed from the patio area.  This fig tree bed is slowly turning into an all seasons bed of perennials, with spring bulbs at this time of the year for the main show.  In the background the view now opens up to the pond,  Since I removed the blue spruce there is more room for primulas, epimediums and hepaticas in the area that is across the stepping stones from the fig tree bed.
 Another over view of some of the back garden rooms. The old sidewalk curves around the back of the garage and runs into the woodland area.
 Another view of the fig tree bed, the stepping stone paths, the pink pot feature and on over to the moss/Japanese garden and the pond.
 Looking along the stepping stone path, from the patio to the little rockery backed by the cedar hedge.
 a closer view of the old sidewalk bed.  There are perennial beds on each side of the sidewalk. The mauve flower is my best columbine.  I let them self seed around the garden.  They seem to cross pollinate and produce some very nice plants.  I have a lovely white one growing in the cutting garden area.
The stepping stones past the rhodos/azalea lead through the moss/fern garden under the deck to a secret place to sit in the shade of the deck in the hot summer days.

The spring bulbs and primulas have now finished blooming and the the rhodos are in their last stages of bloom now.

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