Friday, June 03, 2016

More garden rooms overviews on April 23

 this is the perennial geraniums in the 5 foot strip between Shawna and my driveways.  The woodland trail can be seen in the background.
 This is some of the other end of the driveway strip.  The arabis has spread from the cedar hedge to the st. john's worte as a bright ground cover in the spring.
 This is the old sidewalk and stone path behind the old garage leading past the irises to the chip trail of the woodland area.
 Overview of the pond and Japanese garden room, shooting down at it from the deck.
 The little rockery in the front garden.
 A view of the bench in the inner garden rooms at the front.
 This is the front end of the 5 foot strip between our house and the other neighbours.
 Going along this strip past the camillia we see the rhodos up to the edge of the deck and the cedar hedge.  The rhodos are reflected in the window of our house.
 Close up of the wisteria blooms.  They are slightly fragrant.
The western cedars act as a trellis for the wisteria.  The cedar was in bloom for about a month.  The original wisteria plant has been cut back to a 3 foot stump with these shoots sent up the tree.  I have no room for a trellis so this works for me.  

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