Friday, June 10, 2016

More plants in the garden on April 23

 The blue bells come in 3 colors.  This is the pink variety.  The pink and the white ones do not seem to be as aggressive in spreading as the blue ones.
 The green leaves in the foreground are on a species peony plant.  It had two blossoms this year.  They are just plain, single,  pink with yellow center.
 This is a close up of the little geraniums.  These plants are in bloom most of the summer, if I dead head them. This makes the garden lower maintenance.  I need more of this kind of gardening.
 The Simplicity pink rose in the front garden.
 An allium, also in the front garden.  The alliums are finished blooming and gone to seed.
 The white tulip.  It looks good with so much color around it in the other tulips. The tulips, also are finished blooming now.
 One of my most cherished columbines.  It grows in the flower bed next to the old garage.  I must bag its seed pods so I can spread them around the garden.
The tulips.  There are michaelmas daisies taking over this flower bed, so they need to be thinned out.

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