Sunday, June 05, 2016

Some of the flowers in bloom in my garden on April 23

 The tree peony is tall and is next to the entry way.  Was putting on a fabulous show in April.  It is growing new stems this year, so I have cut back to the surrounding cedar.  When the cedar grows out again it will appear to be a surrounding vase for the peony.  The cedar branches support the peony stems.
 This mahonia has self seeded itself into the 5 foot driveway strip.  It has dark green evergreen holly-like leaves.  It is a natural plant in our area.  And a very nice landscaping plant too.
 Solomons seal.  I spent a lot of time photoshpping this to clone and smudge out the very bright areas and attempt to blur the foreground and sharpen the rest.
 A tulip against the cedar hedge along the driveway strip.
 The sedum under the burgundy colored leaves of the smoke bush.
 Another nice columbine in the front garden.

 An allium with the little rockery plants in bloom for a nice background
 Tall bearded iris in bud in the driveway strip
This is the front rectangle on the west side of the front garden.  The lupine you see in the foreground has now finished blooming and is going to seed. The little hedge has been pruned drastically.  I am thinking of replacing it with boxwood clippings in the rainy season.  This is honeysuckle pilea and the bees like it, but it tends to get ratty looking with age.  

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