Monday, June 06, 2016

The water garden room on April 23

 There is now an aubretia at the top of the waterfall.  I won this plant as a door prize at the Rock and Alpine show and sale this year.  Hopefully this plant will be cascading down the rocks in a few more years.

The primula garden borders the moss/Japanese garden next to the pond.
 A new blue primula in the garden this year.
 This is the newly opened up view from the patio area to the pond.  It crosses the stepping stones pass, over the primula bed and past the moss/Japanese garden to the pond.  The stepping stones on the right side of the photo lead past the rhodos/azaleas to under the deck where there is more moss, ferns and other shade loving plants.
This is a view from the entry to the water garden, showing the new willow with the silver leaves in the foreground.  That frog sitting on the moss is real.  I have two of them in the pond now, dually recorded with the people with all the degree letters behind their names at the Provincial Governments's Frogwatch department:   Nome of whom can advise on how to catch a bull frog.  But do I want someone with a Ph.D income  spending my tax dollars on catching frogs?  They are very good at sending around emails to  each other, though.
The dry stream under the deck newly lined with wood pieces, showing some of the plants in this shade garden, and the chair I have in the shade.  Sure needed that shade the last few days when we have had up 30 degree temperatures.  The Frogwatch people mentioned that the warmer summers we have had have been conducive to the spread of these invasive bull frogs.
A viiew of the moss/Japanese garden area with the dry stream that leads under the deck.  I hope this moss spreads out more to the edge of the primula bed.  I have serveral different kinds of moss in this moss/shade garden.
A closer view of the pond shooting from the stepping stone path.  This photo is to capture the new volunteer tree that came with the pot of the shooting star, and the little pine tree that is in the space occupied by the blue spruce that outgrew its space and was taken out.
A closer look at the pine tree, the mossy rock, the Japanese maple and other plants in this area.  The little pine was transplanted from the little rockery in the back garden, where this one too was outgrowing its space.  The pine has survived its move and seems to have grown quite a bit since its move.  

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