Thursday, July 28, 2016

Home at last

 The milkweed in bloom when we returned from our trip to the parairies
 This is the milkweed that the Monarchs like to lay their eggs upon.  The larvae from this side of the Rockies are said to prefer this milkweed for food.  I am trying to establish a good patch of milkweed in my garden so I am able to get some butterflies to release to lay their eggs on it.  I would like to be able to establish some Monarchs on the island.  If anyone knows where I may get the butterflies or the milkweed 'speciosa' please let me know.
 A rustic bench at the Kramer campsite in Battleford, Sask, over looking the North Saskatchewan River.
The best hay bale from my drive by shooting out the window 'dammitt' photos.
We got back on the 19th of July and have since been playing catch up with house and garden things.  The frog was still in the pond, but have not seen it for a couple of days.  We have had very warm weather, so I have been watering by hand, when I get time.  We are eating yellow plums.  The tree is loaded with plums.  Trevor and family helped pick some of them for their use.  The figs are starting to ripen, too.  Lots of grapes.  The garden is very crispy and dry.  I have Tara's oriental lily in the house.  It has 3 large very fragrant blossoms this year.
I finished adding and loading the menues for the Sask trip to my old web page.  Seems like I am not getting much done on that page in the last few years.  

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