Sunday, August 07, 2016

Some Prairie photos and some Island photos

 The prairie tapestry.  I had my camera on the 'vivid colors' setting for these photos.  I was shooting out the window of the van as we traveled back home from our trip to Saskatchewan in July.
 Prairie color layers.. enhanced by the vivid colors setting.
 A little old house that was once on the Prairie, and is now in a Canola field.
 A green crop in gently rolling hills, backed by the golden canola, with the foreground nicely blurred by the moving vehicle.  Some day I will finish the whole photo album for my old web page.
 On July 27th we rode the BMW scooter out to Genoa Bay for lunch.  This is the art shop and a big boat house.
An abstract from Genoa Bay.  What is a good name for it?  Double Jeopardy?

In the garden everything is very dry.  I am letting the pond water level get lower.  The plums in the tree above the pond are now over ripe and will be falling.  I want to get the pond cleaned out after they fall.  I pump out the water; saving the gold fish in a tub of clean water, and then scoop out the mud and debris.
We had a good feed of the plums with ice cream and gave some away.  I still have frozen pureed plums from last year, so I did not do any this year.  The purple plums are almost ready for eating. There are lots of grapes this year.  The figs are getting bigger and will soon be ripening too.  The apple tree is loaded with apples.  We need rain.

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