Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Lunch out in the Dodge Lodge

 On July 29 we took a deli lunch and drove the Dodge Lodge to Albert Head Lagoon to enjoy the lunch at the ocean side.  This was once a secret place, but there were a few more people out to the Lagoon.
 More of the ocean and others on the beach.  There are a few houses along the waterfront, but it is not a dense population, and they leave the trees around the properties.
 The fisguard lighthouse shooting from the road by the Esquimalt lagoon.
 /Driftwood on the beach at the Esquimalt Lagoon.
 The beautiful oriental lily that Tara planted outside her door.  Very fragrant.  In full bloom on July 30th.  I brought them into the house to enjoy the heady fragrance.
Daylilies in the area behind the old garage.  It is a beautiful double blossom on July 20th.  

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