Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some of the Garden on February 9th

 the golden crocuses were the first ones up this year.  I need more of them.  They are so bright,
 Daffodils along the driveway have buds.  We had a few sunny, warm days since then and the daffodils are in flower.
 February 9th was one of the warmer days.  There were bees!  I was looking at Canadian Wildlife Federation page and discovered other pollinators that look a lot like bees.  And there are the mason bees, too.  Everyone knows the bumble bee, of course.  It is a solitary bee, no hive.  I made a discussion thread about this on Megashot, in the "in the garden' community.  Hope you can get this link:
 the flying bee.
yet another bee.
 When the Hydro workers finished with the work on the new pole, they had a landscaping company fill in the ruts where the traffic had run over the boulevard that I keep in grass.  Just up from the new soil is the crocus field.  More photos of it in full bloom as of today... later.
there was a outstanding sunset on Feb 9th too.

I started the repotting of the house plants today.  It took me 2 hours to do 4 of the orchids.  They were in need of new media.  I had last done them 2 years ago.  They had arial roots shooting out of the pots, so maybe I will need to repot every year.  I have the Pixie Cat. in a huge pink pot.  For the size of the plant, it is actually not that big of a pot.  Hope it blooms again in a few months.  The pot is almost the same color as the blooms.  It is now too tall to fit on the light garden.  I think it will be fine beside the lights.  

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