Friday, February 26, 2016

Orchid Show, February 13

The orchid show was rather spectacular.  Too bad my photos are not.  I had to bring 4 new ones home with me, of course.
I am repotting the old ones, as some of them are throwing out arial roots.  The last repotting was the beginning of 2014, so it is time they had new media.  I hope they survive the operation.  The cat. Pixie has a new bigger magenta pot that should give it some room to run.  The baby Pixie that I potted up in 2014 is growing.  It will probably be 3 or 4 more years before it is big enough to bloom.

I have the perennials in the front garden clipped back.  They are showing little shoots.  The tree peony and the others should be good this year.  I must feed them!.  The strawberry plants and the rhubarb are looking fairly healthy too.  We have had a very warm winter, so everything is early this year.

I put more top soil on the crocus field and raked the soil that the hydro guys left up over the crocuses, and tamped it down.  I then added grass seed and hope to see it germinate.  We have been having warmish weather and light rain.  The birds have not discovered the seed, yet.  

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